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so i just turned 29. i mean i just turned. an hour ago. and it kinda feels great to get here. ok, i’m not 29, but who cares!

i’ve had some pretty amazing moments in my life. oh, the best ones were when my days ended by the river, watching the sunset while swimming. or exploring abandoned buildings.

i’m a lucky person i think. i’ve met so many amazing people that still play important roles in my life, even if they’re not in it anymore. i also met some shitty ones, but i know i’m subjective.

i’m also very, very, very greatful. you have no idea.. things could have gone sideways.

this feels like a toast..

i’ve learned a lot of stuff in my…29 years (had to check) but the bestest thing i’ve learned is about the nature of people: it’s good!

i know, i know. but i swear, i’ve seen it!

i’m so in love with the universe right now…
ok, i’m not, you know me, i’m rational af, but i am proud of what i see out there.


don’t wanna
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