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written on 13. aug. 2010

i would run for a while,

i would lose my phone, and any connection to reality,

i would go to mexico, maybe,

i would stay in a cheap hotel,

i would spend my time with strangers,

i would look closely at everything that’s new to me,

i would dress differently; i would speak differently,

i would walk for hours through side worlds and just look closely,

i would be another person, enchanted by the spell of simplicity,

i would sit on a bench with a flower in my hand and just smell it,

i would answer questions,

i would ask so many,

i would have tanned skin and bleached hair,

i would enjoy my body and smoke with passion,

i would have wet tequila lips,

i would cherish second by second and smile unceasingly,

i would learn swear words and use them smiling,

ugh, how much i would do..

i would create a new personality,

a selfish one, without a sense of responsibility,

i would wear a cleavage,

i could be a nudist,

i would caress people for the sake of touching,

i would like to know how everything feels,

i would dance barefoot in the rain,

i would bathe in burning fantasies,

i would vibrate.

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