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fck you!

fck you!

to everyone who:

thinks that someone else’s time is theirs to take;

thinks emotional blackmail is acceptable;

thinks parenthood is about control;

said you made them do it;

just lets things happen because it’s not their business;

just assumes without asking;

takes someone’s existence lightly;

thinks love is possession;

thinks kindness is actually wanting the d;

just trivializes your life;

thinks a hug involves pressing their pelvis against another;

prevents you from being your vague self;

makes you feel less because you’re not what they wish you’d be;

thinks it’s ok to make you feel scared;

can’t take a “no”;

sees anyone as a lost cause;

says “but you” instead of  “i’m sorry”;

says they love you, but can’t give you understanding;


thinks they deserve;

imposes standards;

“could have” but never did;

acts like you’re not worth it;

makes being different feel wrong;

brings you negative sht;

is not seeing you.

don’t wanna
miss out?