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i spy..

i spy..

i grew up without a role model.

i mean i had parents, but i didn’t see them as heroes or something. they were regular people, with regular jobs and lives. and regular is not really role model worthy, is it?

but i think that’s a good thing.

hear me out!

i got to pick and choose what i found to be a positive and suitable example to follow and i never expected people to be perfect. i knew better.

isn’t that nice!

ok, at times it wasn’t that nice; there were moments when i believed in god just to feel like i had someone on my team, someone to look up to.

but people with imaginary friends get bullied. i didn’t.

yes, i got to explore minds, take what i like and make it mine.

i was like that simpleton who had to eat in a 5 star restaurant for the first time: too many forks man!
all you can do is observe the others and apply what fits.

so i kinda had my own value system: no god to fear (eventually) and no parents whose healthy expectations to disappoint.

it was scary, i’m not gonna lie, but it also gave me strength.

you know: when you know you’re right because you’ve done months of unbiased research on a subject, that kind of strength;
the kind of strength that doesn’t ask for validation, but rather for a pertinent feedback.

that was it. that was all i wanted to say. is it ok if i leave now? i’m gonna. bye!

don’t wanna
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