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happiness was always one of my most discussed subjects. it intrigues me a lot. wanna know what I got so far? i know you don’t, but i’m gonna tell you anyway so take a seat, please.

happiness is never something that comes from the outside. it never comes with a new car, girlfriend or a big house. it may not even come from the family you managed to grow for this exact purpose.
it doesn’t depend on your neighbour, husband, parents, kids, house or the money you make and places you visit.
you can certainly improve your state of mind by being careful what you let in. but the thing is..if you go through life thinking that life itself or people owe you a certain kind of treatment, you might get old and bitter before you know it.
no one owes you anything, you spoiled child. it’s on you!

so if you want a nice relationship with someone, maybe it’s a good idea to first try and be independent.
aaaand being independent doesn’t necessarily mean you make your own money and do what you want, but rather being ok with yourself. with the way you think, look, with your preferences, personality, rhythm, needs.
being ok with being by yourself, maybe even enjoying it… i think that’s the basis or the foundation, if you will, of a bigger person.

and you know what, mister!, it may mean you’ll be treated right by the people in your life. people who, i assure you, are not villains, but people like you and me; with battles, traumas or confusion of their own.
we are all hurt and what can be seen from the outside is just our – sometimes – faulty way of coping with our experiences or trauma.

be patient and kind, please. but start with yourself.

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