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Product of WAR

Product of WAR

Product of WAR is about the concept of normalcy and its elastic and subjective nature; about the ease with which we accept forms of normalcy that are often visibly flawed, or do not fit our core values.

We are raised in all sorts of wars that we adopt and we allow them to gradually shape our own notion of normalcy; but especially wars that we strictly pass on, as some kind of important tradition.

Because it is elastic, normalcy can be redefined.

We have a lot of substance in us and we keep it locked up; we shamefully hide it from each other like a dirty little secret.

We are allowed to feel. We are also allowed to be empty sometimes.

We are allowed not to give or expect everything. We’re also allowed to do so.

Of course we can be afraid at times. If it helps us.

We are entitled to our emotions. And responsible for their balance.

We are freer than we think. We can be more.

We can also be flawed, we have that in common.

We can enjoy moments, without longing for eternity.

We can burn a while. In peace.

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